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Empowering health and well-being through the power of the voice

The Power of the Voice

Our voices present our emotions, identity and intentions throughout our daily life; they are our individual and unique tools of expression.

Holistic Voice Therapy provides a space to explore and transform the obstacles in life that affect our energetic states of being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Using the voice in a dynamic and transformative way, the practitioner and client work together, incorporating techniques of movement, breath and postural awareness to facilitate change in health and well-being.

The Benefits
Holistic Voice Therapy can help:
-Self Confidence
-Self Esteem
-Breath & Movement

About the sessions
A session will be composed of one or both of the passive and active treatments.
Through the passive treatment, the client lays on the treatment table and receives a vocal sound bath from the practitioner.
The active session involves the client and practitioner working together with specific vocal processing techniques, where the use of movement can be incorporated.

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